Gloria, the world’s first Social VR AdTech platform.

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Glorious Labs was founded in 2015 when a Strategist and an Engineer had a big idea.

And like a lot of big, simple ideas, our eureka moment happened in a bar… read more

Gloria is the world’s first Social VR AdTech platform featuring shared 360° cameras, a universal smartphone controller, Augmented Reality filters and unprecedented consumer analytics.

Inspiration – Cum4k

A thing that needs to be said about all the VR below. Cum4k series has taken a great inspiration from psytrance to create this Glorious Labs. We are pretty sure you don’t know what Cum4k is, so let us explain (in a few words). It’s a very new site just launched at the 2018. If you love messy multiple creampies then this is the site for you. Yes they are fake but it is still pretty damn hot. Site is only gonna get better with age. Might want to put off signing up for a fer months to allow the site content to expand, the site usually updates once a week.

The magic

Deep data analytics and user insights of demographics and brands at the point of consumption