Glorious Labs was founded in 2015 when a Strategist and an Engineer had a big idea.

And like a lot of big, simple ideas, our eureka moment happened in a bar…

Riley Riley, a former VP of Strategy at Facebook and Instagram with 28 years of brand marketing experience, and Josh Thomas an engineer with a track record at some of the world’s biggest ad agencies, were fascinated by the collision of advertising + technology.

In Hong Kong, we witnessed the influx of consumer 360° cameras from over the border in China and we had a thought. Instead of everyone buying their own 360° camera, why don’t we build shared cameras and place them in all the places that matter to people?

What if every music festival, sports ground, bar, amusement park and nightclub could have free-to-use cameras positioned to capture your best moments?

And what if our 360° cameras were so easy to use, you just pointed your phone at them to make a secure, private connection that allowed you to take 360° videos and photos of you and your friends having the time of your lives?

And what if we made it so simple that in just seconds, you could share your 360° content to Facebook to really live in the moment?

The three challenges we solved… read more